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January 6, 1987

Pauline finally realises Arthur needs professional help. Sharon’s screams from the garden soon bring Den racing to the rescue. She says there was someone lurking in the bushes and he pleads for her to stay the night at the pub. She insists on going to be with Angie so Den takes her there in his car. When Pat and Simon hear about this the next morning, they tell Lofty he shouldn’t have taken no for an answer and walked Sharon home anyway. Ian asks Debbie to come out with him tonight but she tells him she had other plans. She is certainly attracting the attention of young men lately, perhaps she has taken on a new scent.

Lofty is worried about the direction the marriage is headed. Between Michelle working at typing and sewing up the jumpers for Kathy and his working pub hours, there is no time for them alone together. Wilmott-Brown moves into Number 43 and invites Debbie to dinner. Naima is still upset over the £10 missing from the till. She suspects Rezaul but has no proof and the family takes his side anyway since he is a male and she is a mere girl. James tells Colin confidentally that he has the brewery contract for the Churchill campaign, strongly hinting that he has open advertising proposals. Den discovers the £3,500 gone from the joint account and his solicitor tells him there isn’t much he can do about it since Angie had done nothing illegal. Then he finds out that Sharon sold his record collection to Barry!

Jan. 06, 1987

season 3