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January 8, 1987

Dr Legg threatens to issue a committal order when Arthur refuses to go to hospital voluntarily. Sharon gets a letter from the supermarket about more time off (for personal reasons) but she isn’t sure she wants to go back to work there. Angie tells Sharon they are mvoing into a hotel. Angie gets the divorce petition in the mail but is afraid to open it. James asks Debbie about dinner with him again and she says yes. Then she finds out from Barry that he and Colin will be there as well.

Naima discovers more money, £11 this time, missing from the till and gets into an argument with her cousin when she confronts him about it. At James’ dinner party, Barry chats with Debbie while Colin and James are busy in the kitchen. James did the clam chowder from a recipe he picked up in Miami. Barry and James have a mutual interest in blues music and James plays his guitar after the dinner. James announces that he is leaving the brewery in a few weeks and adds “spread his wings”, when Debs asked what he is going to do.

Michelle is busy typing and Lofty wants to go out for the day. But she tells him she needs the money for Arthur. Meanwhile, Arthur has locked himself in the outside lavatory. Lou says she she’d go get him out. Pauline says she might get the doctor back. Legg comes by and tries to get him out but he asks for 5 more minutes. Pete tries to talk Sharon into going to see Den, hoping that she might be the link to getting Den and Angie back together.

Jan. 08, 1987

season 3