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January 20, 1987

Sharon lets Den know a few painful home truths. After the disagreement with Michelle the night before, Lofty sleeps on sofa and cracks his glasses when he trods on them as he gets up. Ethel says she has the flu. Simon and Dot are also in the surgery waiting room. It is Dr Singh’s first day and they are all shy but Dot goes in first to talk about her hot flashes. She manages to get her foot in mouth about Kelvin’s birthday party and how coloureds always have parties like that. When she realises that the Doctor is “coloured”, she tries to explain that he isn’t plain chocolate but milky chocolate which only makes her embarrasent worse and she finally says she’ll come back when the “Doctor” is there. He replies, “I’m the doctor.”

Mary sees Pat in the pub and asks her about some new contacts. She is broke and Pat gives her a lunch under the counter and then has a go at her about leaving Annie on her own and takes the plate away until she goes to see about her baby. Later in the cafĂ©, Pat tries to talk her out of prostituion and refuses to give her any more contacts so Mary says she’ll just have to find them on her own contacts then.

Kathy takes a message to Den from Sharon she’ll talk to him at 5.30 in the community centre. He tries to give her a new jacket but she refuses it although she does accept some money he offers her. Sharon tells him she doesn’t want to see him again until the divorce is over and this is all settled. Lofty and Michelle apologise and go back to normal. Lofty tells her they should go out once a month together and she should go out once a month on her own. Michelle sends him flowers and he gives her a receipt for some earings he had Tony make for her.

Jan. 20, 1987

season 3